Pi-Lite - Python emulator

Pi-Lite Emulator

To give you a flavour of what the real Pi-Lite is like, we created an emulator that you can run on your desktop. The emulator behaves just like the firmware that comes with the Pi-Lite when it ships. It has a text input box in which you can:

  • type text, which is then scrolled across the screen
  • type $$$ followed by any of the commands to make the Pi-Lite do the things for which it was designed for.

The commands are as described in the Pi-Lite User Guide.

Here is a screen shot of the Pi-Lite emulator running on the Raspberry Pi:



You run the emulator from the command line, just like any other Python example, after you have installed the Python examples, as described in the Pi-Lite Python Examples document.

You can download just the emulator from github here.