K000 - Slice of Pi

Simply solder the connectors as per the picture below and use. To use the sleep function on many radios, solder a wire between SLP and one of the GPIO pins. It is worth noting that the PI can supply upto 50ma maximum, check how much power your radio needs. The XRF for example is 23ma in RX and 32ma (max output) in TX.

In the official raspberry pictures they have the male pins soldered to the Raspberry PI we recomend you follow this also. Using the female part as a holder whilst you solder to your PI is a really good plan, we often find Bluetak is a great thing to hold parts whilst they are being soldered

Advice: When soldering on a multiway connector always double check (for pins) you are soldering the shorter ends to the board. What we find is the best approach is to solder just one pin then check your connector alignment, if you are happy it's fully to the board and stright in all directions then continue to solder. Once you have more than one pin soldered moving or removing the connector is extremely difficult.

Soldering everything? If you don't intend to use a particular connector, from experience we suggest you don't connect it and save it/them for later. It saves time and when you say "if only I had an x or y" then you might have just what you want saved.


Slice of PI mounted on a Raspberry PI


Using the Slice of PI to prototype circuitry


Slice of PI with XRF radio


Slice of PI lots of clearance over the camera connector