K001 - Humble Pi Build Instructions



1 Overview

The Humble Pi is the best and most useful prototyping board out on the market. Arranged with power down the
middle and pads in groups of threes you'll find this much easier and faster to work with than other solutions.



2 Parts List

1x Humble Pi PCB.

1x 28 Pin Connector.


3 Build Steps

1.  Take the 28pin connector and allign it to the PCB making sure not to use the 3v3 and 5v holes as shown.



2.  Solder the 28pin connector to the REVERSE side of the PCB as show. (again take note not to use the 3v3 and 5v holes)



3.  Your completed Humble Pi should look like the image below.



4.  End of build instruction. Enjoy!


Optional Voltage regulator kit


Voltage regulator kit for the Humble Pi (K001), includes both a 3v3 and 5v regulator so the user can chose there power supply option. They are of the 1117 variety that lots of manufacturers make, we usually use ST but it can change. The regulators drop around 1.1v in use so using clean DC from a power supply, you'll need 4.4v or above (5 to 6v is ideal) for 3v3 operation and a 6.1v or above (7.5 to 9v is ideal). The maximum current is 800ma and the voltage 15v (12v we suggest not to exceed). Keep an eye on the temperature, if it's anything above fairly warm to the touch then you must add a heatsink. If it gets too hot, at best it'll shutdown, at worst you could damage the regulator.


Comprising of

    5v regulator (marked 50 in the part number)
    3v regulator (marked 33 in the part number)
    1 x 100uf capacitor
    1 x 10uf capacitor
    1 x DC Socket

If you want the output to go down the middle track, link the two pads nearest the USB connectors, in this picture I have used a red jumper so I can select if I want to connect or not. For most projects you'll either want it (solder a wire) or not (take the output where you need it). We leave the choice down to you how you'd like to build your project.

The 10uF capacitor goes to the VIN and the 100uF capacitor goes to the VOUT side of the regulator.