Adding a RFM12B to the R013 - RFµ-328-BARE

On RFu's to add an RFM12B to a RFµ-328-BARE you might need swap some resistors. The configuration shown below with both resistors is for the SRF becuase it's a serial device, the SPI RFM needs to be wired to a different pin.

Note V1.3 and later RFµ's have been updateed and now use 0402 parts, new pictures are coming but the procedure is pretty much the same

These same instructions allow the use of an SRF running SPI firmware to be used on the RFµ-328-BARE, however this combination does not support OTAMP so we don't think many people will be interested in running SPI versions of the SRF unless perhaps you need the UART for another task.


The two 0603 1K resistors indicated below normally link the RX and TX lines between the 328p and the SRF


The two 0603 1K resistors need removing and a 0603 0R is placed as below.

If you do not have an 0603 0R resistors you can turn the left hand 1K through 90 or create a bridge with a short piece of wire




Once you have swapped the resistors you can add the RFM12B as shown above and add the correct length antenna to the solder point along the top of the RFµ-328


Glyn from Openenerymonitor has a modified version of the Jeelib library that accounts for the different slave select and interrupt pins used on the RFµ-328