ARF user guide

This document is work in progress


The ARF is an SRF serial combined with a low noise amplifier on the input and power amplifier on the output. The range with a whip antenna is around double the XRF, with higher gain antenna's 10's of Km are possible. The radio regulations within your area may however limit the overall gain possible, do not exceed your local limits.


Soldering the Pin headers

If you need to solder the headers please refer the the pictures on the advert to see the orienttaion



It is similar in pinout to the XRF but it is not identical. Only serial software is supported, SPI and LLAP devices are currently not.

The ARF has a U.Fl connector as standard, a wire whip or SMA can be added by the user if desired.

Wire Whip is soldered to the hole just below the U.FL connector

The ARF is not 5v tollerant, use 3.3v logic and power

Pin usage

The ARF is pinned much the same as an XRF v2.0 however pins 15 and 18 should be left unconnected. These pins are used by the SRF to control the CC1190 

Pin 14 should also be left unconnected or connected to +3V3. 


Ciseco Radio Unit Configuration Guide


Reload factory default configuration
By shorting pins 7 and 8 during power up the ARF will power up in a factory default configuration. If you wish to retain this configuration then you need to use the ATWR command to apply this to permanent memory, otherwise at next power up the normal saved configuration will be used. This is useful for recovering from unknown configurations.


Power consumption

Transmitting 330ma

Recieving <40ma