XCM software (XRF config manager)

You can download the latest XCM software at



Once installed, the software, will check for updates each time it is run, and may prompt you to download a new version. We recommend that you accept updates when available.

If you see an XML file when you click on the Install button try using Internet Explorer 

The latest XCM source is up on our Github account https://github.com/CisecoPlc/XCM-for-Windows


First use

To easily check if you can communicate with your XRF, use the "Search" button; this will search every available COM port for an XRF. This can take a long time if you have lots of COM ports.

If you know what port the XRF is connected to, then select this from the drop down box and make sure the baud rate is set correctly (9600bps is the XRF default).

Press "download config" and after a few seconds all the text boxes should be populated.

To make changes simply alter the text boxes, and once you have finished press "upload config" (this will write the config to the XRF). Click ATAC if you want these changes to be made live straightaway, and use ATWR if you would like the changes to be permanent over a power up.


Using the Serial Monitor

XCM's serial montior has two mode of sending text.

First the single line entry box, Second the Big text window. You can type text into either box but there are import diffrences as to how they work.

The single line entry box allows to you type in a full string of text and the hit send (or <Enter>) and have that sent all in one over the serial line. This is very usefully for building LLAP commands (which need to be sent as one packet). However when sending this box does not add any 'new line' or 'carige return' charachters. So this box doesnt not work for sending AT commands.

The big window will send every character as it is typed including <Enter>. We recomend using this window for doing manual AT commands.


Into the future

This application is a "work in progress", so if you can think of a way to improve it please let us know. We recommend  that you allow the application to self update (this requires access to the internet).