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RFu328 Technical Information

Build instructions

This unit comes ready built except for the optional 2 x 10 way 2mm male headers. By installing (soldering) the headers either side of the board, the surface mount RFu becomes a pluggable device simialr in size and socket layout to the common XBee layout.

The board can be supplied BARE (without the SRF) allowing you to add an RFM12B to the R013 - (RFµ-328-BARE)


RFu328 - Starter guide 

Over the air micro programming (OTAMP) works the same was as for the XinoRF. See this video for details of how to set things up.

RFµ-328 Sleep Mode 3 - Detials on how to setup the new ATSM 3 sleep mode on the RFµ-328

RFu328 Troubleshooting

Ciseco Radio Unit Configuration Guide



Projects / Blogs

An example of the use of the RFu328 in a temperature sensor project from Stuart at HomeLabs.